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Luxury honeymoons by their very nature need to be perfectly customised and executed more than any other kind of holiday - after all, no one wants to deal with all the hassle of getting the route right, the hotels perfect and the transport arrangements seamless when they're trying to enjoy an effortlessly romantic trip of a lifetime. Further, a luxury honeymoon should be romantic, but no two couples' ideas of romance are the same. Above all though, a luxury honeymoon should be unique

The question is how does one find that perfection combination of true customisation, romance and uniqueness?

The answer is tailor-made travel in South Asia!

However, finding the right operator is critical as many travel companies offering what they describe as 'luxury honeymoons' to countries like India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, etc tend to regurgitate the same itineraries resulting in all their clients will visit the same key sights, have the same experiences, eat the same food and stay in the same hotels. The trips might well be enjoyable, but their content isn't shaped by the wishes of individual clients. The best you can hope for is a best-fit trip - a not-quite-round peg fitting into a very definitely round hole.

Fortunately, a few companies really do offer genuinely bespoke honeymoon trips across South Asia, often combining two exciting countries in the same honeymoon (e.g. India & Bhutan or India & Maldives). Perhaps the pick of the bunch is Natural Mystic South Asia. Natural Mystic South Asia is a well-established Indian-run company that's been specialising in luxury India honeymoons since its inception over a decade ago. The company website tantalises prospective honeymooners with the promise of genuinely tailor-made honeymoon tours and, if the glowing reviews and client comments are to be believed, that's really what's on offer.

Asked in a recent interview with Conde Nast travel magazine (link is here - what the most romantic place in India is, the company's owners said they couldn't choose one single place because they believe in creating honeymoon trips that are right for each individual client. This is where the strength of the company lies: their travel consultants work closely with new clients throughout the itinerary creation process to ensure that each honeymoon trip includes exactly what the clients are looking for. This means new customers are able to combine the flexibility of independent travel with Natural Mystic South Asia's local networks and expertise.

Recent honeymoon trips created by Natural Mystic have included North India itineraries that combine major sites and cities like the Taj Mahal and Jaipur with little known national parks and experiences in the wilderness; and a 3-week, 3-country extravaganza combining the historical sights of India, the natural beauty of Sri Lanka and the chilled-out charm of the Maldives. All this topped up with stylish private dinners in dreamlike settings created just for the clients and just for that one night. Honeymoon trips like these couldn't be more different, but what they have in common is an understanding of the unique requirements of each client and the inclusion of hidden gems that only experts in the business could know about.

So if you want a luxury honeymoon that really is romantic, make sure you book with a company that will ask you how you define romantic before building your itinerary. And if you want a luxury honeymoon that's truly unique and perfect, make sure you're booking with people who know the subcontinent intimately - and will share their expertise with you and your partner.

Source article : Author by Steve Mystic