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City Honeymoon is a website that will provide information about the natural beauty in the world. because there are millions of sites that are so amazing to be visited . And there are many things that will be shared through a simple web about any information technology , social media , etc.

Viewed from a different viewpoint can be regarded as a City Honeymoon blog my exercise in order to learn a foreign language on the blog. With all the limitations , but I will try to give things positife to readers.

By reading the article from CityHoneymoon means you help blog owners to develop. And a lot of hope in the future through this simple blog in addition to sharing information can also earn a fortune .

I want to learn everything in the world . cross country as there is anything in german , what interesting things in China , America , Australia , Europe , Paris , France, Africa , Hongkong , Japan and other countries. especially beloved country Indonesia. Thankyou