November I Wish the Best 2014 By Iyan Sugyana

November Wish
November I Wish
Welcome to November, I wish this moon better than last moon.First for the best my pray is to my parents. I hope Allah always protect to you.Healthy Always And Many fortune (aamiin). And than I hope my wife too. There is not the most valuable addition to the happiness of those I love. I always wish the best for you .

Second, I Wish what I want immediately answered. Ideals to build a house , is no longer an employee . More precisely I want to be free to live without being in work time and command . O God , I 'm seriously in the world of blogs . If this is a blessing and fortune that is permissible for me and my family . Plead , make it easy , bless and restuilah . Because without the permission of you , all is nothing .

O Allah , I always pray the prayer that You forgive all my sins , the sins of my parents , my wife and all the Muslims in the world .I'm just a helpless servant on your power , no power other than the power from you . So strengthen me , I'm right patient in the face of all the trials and tribulations you

Give me your magic hands to seek fortune , O God , thou only all- rich , all- powerful, and all- everything. that I wish, may you grant me soon , O God. thanks for all. aamiin

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