When I Climb Mount Ciremai with Friends

Mount Ciremay
Mount Ceremai/Cereme/Ciremay

Mount Cereme or often called mountain Ciremai ( or Ciremay ) is one of the active volcano in West Java Indonesia. Mount Ciremay also a volcanic cone that is administratively included in the three districts , namely Cirebon , Kuningan and Majalengka , West Java Province. The geographical position of the peak is located at 6 ° 53 ' 30 "latitude and 108 ° 24' 00 " East, with an altitude of 3,078 m above sea level . This mountain is the highest mountain in West Java.

This mountain has a double crater . Western crater radius of 400 m was cut by east crater radius of 600 m . At an altitude of about 2,900 m above sea level on the southern slopes are former eruption points Gowa called Swallow . source http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gunung_Ceremai

There is an interesting story when I climbed Mount Ciremai with friends. It was August, at the end of the rainy season Me and four of my friends are planning to climb Mount Ciremai. when the school holidays end of term so we plan to fill the holiday with mountain climbing. Ranging from flashlights , backpacks , shoes , eating utensils and drinking have been prepared.

Not only that , even mentally is the main thing for the smooth operation of Ciremai mountain climbing. Capitalize strong determination we set out to climb makeshift equipment. Prayers and encouragement and support from friends to add conviction to go there.

Short story we arrived at the main post to register as a participant mountaineers . Then we began step by step to the summit of Mount Ciremai. The scenery is beautiful , the air is cool and buoyant spirit adds a warm atmosphere with a chat and a joke. There we also met other mountaineers.

Because we have come too late , finally we have to find the plain to set up a tent and spend the night . We continue our ascent the next day. It was getting dark while the plains have not we found . I am increasingly concerned by the rising and the fog that comes interfere with my view. Not to mention a sign of rain began to emerge . With our rapid climb to find a plateau . we finally arrive at a fairly flat ground to set up a tent.

And the rain began to fall . Hungry , cold , and the atmosphere adds to the fear that gripped us at the time. There's a lot of things we could do . we just lay down in the tent and rest while waiting for the rain to stop . Long after , after the rain stopped we tried to make a fire and cook the noodles . Our voraciously eating the noodle join.

The night came to an end , in the morning we cleared the tent and packed up to move on . But before we had time to take pictures before the battery runs out. Seeing dwindling food supplies and drinking water that stayed a few sips of course, makes us pessimistic to continue the journey . After a long discussion , we decided not to continue climbing given the risk that will happen

Finally we decided to go down the mountain and did not go to the mountain top. This is the worst moment I've ever experienced. But behind it there is a fun lesson about survival. although it was not until I was quite pleased peaks can be invited to climb Mount Ciremai with my friends . huftt very tiring holiday . if only could go to Tropical Honeymoon Mount st helens wildflowers Washington holiday travel may be more exciting and interesting to see the beautiful wild flowers there . but it was only a dream. This is my story , where your story ? thanks for read CityHoneymoon article.